Hi, I'm Leslie! I'm so excited to meet you! 
If you are on my website, you are probably looking to hire a photographer. I hope you can find everything on my website to see how we can be a great fit! :)
A little about me! I am energetic, enthusiastic, and extroverted. I'm have always been an artist by nature, and seeing how light, colors, and shapes form compositions is second nature to me. 
I love beautiful things- especially people! I truly I believe the most vibrant and extravagant beauty in this world exists in the bonds between people. *and yes, I know that's cheesy. So if you need crackers to go with it, let me know ;)*
Getting to be with you to capture and even create special moments that express who you are really excites me!
I believe you are beautiful, and I want you to look at your photos and feel that, too! I want you to look at your photos and feel like you can relive your most special day again and again, knowing everything was taken care of and nothing was missed. I want to come into your life and capture some of the special smiles, happy tears, unexpected laughs, and moments that make you and your crew - you! :)  

Sometimes people ask me when I first wanted to be a photographer- but it's been as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, my amazing parents brought me to see the national parks. I remember taking pictures at National Parks as an 8 year old and telling my mom and dad "You guys have to kiss in this one!!"
I remember slowly chasing down a collared lizard and snapping it's photo with my mom's SLR. In Middle School, my mom and I joined a photography club and shot the nature around Jenkin's Arboretum in Wayne, PA. I experimented with digital photography and my mom's film camera. By high school, friends knew inviting me to a party meant great photos, and I constantly borrowed my friends for fun, creative, or artsy photo shoots. We'd hang scarves over trees and use make up. I'd have a girl friend put on her most beautiful dress, make up, go to Marsh Creek State Park and take photos that would make her agree with me when I'd say "You're gorgeous!!"
I had no idea what perfect practice this would be for weddings, nor that I would someday get paid to do something I love so much!! :)
In High School, I had an incredible opportunity where I traversed the ocean and experienced a month between China and Cambodia. I captured as many of the details, colors, and textures I could, taking 9000 photos. I kept about 900 after my trip. My strategy is to take a multitude of photos then narrow down to only the the true cream of the crop! :) Then, editing is a whole other part of the art!
I find photo editing so relaxing and truly love it. It's like a game to me. Some people play Farmville or Gem Drop, and I edit photos! When I find that gem of a photo, I feel like I won for both of us! :)

I have a mastery of Photoshop and I love Lightroom. This means I can handle simpler edits like adjusting light and color, and more specific edits- removing that unwanted zit so it was never there on your wedding day, or making sure the background is just that. If you don't want the geese in your shots by the pond, geese be gone!! :) It's incredible what we are able to do!
As a fine artist, I've actually used Photoshop to paint and design album covers, so I can do some incredible edits when needed. 

After college, friends borrowed me for head shots, graduation photos, family Christmas photos, engagements, and weddings! It made me so happy to see how my passion could help fill a need and even become a profession! I began to charge and build up my gear- a collection of lenses, and the Nikon D750! :) My favorite lenses are the 70-200 mm and the 24-70 mm!

The best gear I managed to acquire surprised me. When I was 24, I met Chris Jones, a computer major and a photography minor. He is the love of my life! :) As in many facets of our relationship, our complimentary skill sets play to our advantage! 
We are a team in photography and everything else.
Chris comprehends technology with expertise. It swoons for him. He researches and finds the best gear to accomplish our vision. He is also passionate about taking video footage and has covered weddings in that area too, so message me if you'd like more details! 
In general, I love people and connecting and bringing out the beauty in a day. I love taking creative shots - arranging the rings and flowers, and the bride's shoes for a shot, or capturing the shine off the wine glasses while guests dance in the background. 
I'm aware that the details create the whole, so you can trust me to remember to fix your hair or the strap of your dress before snapping the shot. 
I also feel like I'm very aware of what photos are a "must" and can make sure those happen.
What can you expect if you choose me as your photographer? :)
I'm glad you asked. First, we'll talk, and I'll ask questions and get details about your event, location, and a vision of what you are looking for in your photography. If I feel like we are a good fit and accept you as a client, I'll give you a quote of the cost to cover your event. Then I save the date, and we look forward to it! :) It's that simple! :)
Ahead of time, I'll obviously need critical event details: the venue, date, time, schedule, and any especially moments to capture! 
Then the fun begins! I'm a huge extrovert, so the day of the event, I'll be excited to be there! I'll have a list with me so we make sure that everything critical is captured. Obviously, I'll I take a plethora of photos, and I may even show you previews on the camera screen. :) I'll blend in or be directive or be silly to bring out people's personalities and capture the essence of the moment.
After I've had time to edit all the best shots, you'll get a link in your email with a professional gallery and can see your photos and relive your event all over again! 
From this gallery, you may download all of your files from the event. It is really important to me to give people ownership of their files. I want you to be able to pick YOUR favorites and get them printed without being charged again. That's what I would want from my photographer, so that's what I do for you! :) 

The size of your event partially determines how many photos you receive. For weddings with 75+ guests, there are usually about 500 images total! :) I really try to capture everything!
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